"Some are just here for the party, some are just here to stare"

The Album

Finally, after literally years of conception and planning (the songs were mostly there) The Nay Sayer appears on the stage.

Dark and sinister in it's setting, the music itself features almost everything from light-footedness to gravity, from violence to calmness and from utter despair to glittering gleams of hope.

"When the storm unfolds, know that I will stand by you"

The Nay Sayer's innermost pessimism is not just an attitude - it is deeply rooted in this unique anti-hero's sombre soul. Yet his path is not devoid of singular sparks of light as She might know...

"All I need is you... You're the one who gets me through"

The characters featured in this concept album - Adrian's first consequently story-driven musical narrative - are, of course, fictuous (so don't worry about his state of mind - he's alright!). But as songwriting goes on for years and years there forms a blackish deposit on the bottom of the barrel, made out of songs that are - regardless of their sound! - too dark in their inner conception to be released among other songs who (in the worst case) - are just about lost love.

Now the time has come to project all those against the backdrop of the The Nay Sayer's downfall. These songs now condense into a fantastic flurry of furios fatalism, telling once and for all the story of this man - whoever he might be? A terrorist? A murderer? a criminal? a hero? - tragically torn between his inevitable fate and the other road that She might have lead him...

"You know that I need you to guide me through this mess..."

The journey - jumping back and forth in time, from the dim light of today to the lost and now shady glamour of past days - is made perceivable by an amazing set of songs that span across a vast variety of soundscapes and styles. Tuned up by many of Adrian's friends who put in all their musical skills and diversity, this album is pure joy to listen to - despite the somewhat depressive undertones. Songs that touch you and yet disturb you, songs to make you smile & wonder and yet shiver when The Nay Sayer is going a further step down, down, down...

"Lead me, don't fear me my love, but beware of the fall... Love don't catch nothing at all"

Be teased


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Because of logistical reasons there are two seperate production lines - one in the U.S. and one in Germany.

The german CD will be available for €10
The U.S. Version will be available for $10 at live shows or for $11 via CD Baby

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