The Nay Sayer is abroad...

The Nay SayerWatch out for an overwhelming musical experience - Adrian H.Z. Kunzmann's new Album is out now: A set of powerful, beautiful, stirring and - despite their greatness - slightly disturbing songs, unfolding Adrian's amazing songwriting skills.

A great crew of "friends" teams up with Adrian to construct - or rather deconstruct - the tragic and restless journey of the "Nay-Sayer's" dark but deeply musical soul.

This fall - His Fall. Be prepared to be blown up and away...

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Adrian H.Z. Kunzmann plays all original songs, spanning the genres from singer/songwriter over pop and folk and at times even country. On the stage since 2008, he and his fellow musicians have been playing the stages around Frankfurt, even though their music, thoughtfully arranged for several voices and a wide array of instruments, sounds more like Seattle or Manchester.

Ever since he learned how to play the guitar around the age of ten, Adrian has been writing songs. Inspired by artists such as The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Jim Croce, Steve Earle and Bob Dylan, Adrians music covers a great variety of styles, though always keeping it's own original edge.

Adrian H.Z. Kunzmann and friends play songs from his 8 albums as well as old and new songs from his vast back catalog that have yet to be released.

So relax, enjoy the music, and let yourself be taken on a voyage, on which each Song is like a place you visit, or a person you meet. While beautiful on the outside, some may hold dark secrets. Each encounter holds an experience, wating to show itself to you as you walk on by along the road.

The Friends

While Adrian is the creative source, writing the songs as well as playing the guitar and singing lead on most songs, he has mustered a gang of friends supporting him in live concerts and in his studio work. Sonja also puts her powerful voice to use, singing lead whenever a female perspective is needed, and using her viola and violin to broaden our sound. Bertram plays more instruments than any one man should, and fills any vocal spaces in the arrangements with his very precise voice. Anatol plays the bass, giving the songs their footing. Other friends are invited for recording sessions, featuring lots of different instruments and soundscapes.

We love being approached by members of the audience during or after a concert and being told how they interpret a particular song, or that they found a little something for themselves in it.